SampoMedia: What we do

Posted on April 16, 2013


cropped-roundsampo2.jpgSampoMedia’s mission to connect creative ideas and audiences has many different dimensions and we will be providing a range of services to support creative talent, businesses and policy-makers.

The core of our work will be based on building knowledge about the way that audiences are thinking and behaving in an on-demand digital environment.

The company will be at the cutting edge of audience data, drawing on studies, statistics and research from a wide range of sources. We will also be undertaking bespoke research to fill gaps.

An important aspect of our work will be the study of best practice, inspirational thinking and commercial and cultural success. The marriage of the best creative thinking, deep market and business knowledge and hard analysis of audience behaviour and trends will come together as a unique resource for creatives in a wide range of film, media and arts.

We will be offering a range of services, building on the experience and ideas of the company founders. And we will be using the expertise of associates and partner organisations to ensure that we can deliver on the demands of our clients.

SampoMedia services currently include:

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